Fear of flying

“Anyone who doesn’t think their plane’s going to crash just doesn’t have any imagination.” The woman and her husband were looking over my partner’s colourful glazed vases at the Bermagui Seaside Fair and it was a warm, bright, sunny day. I’m not sure how our conversation strayed onto plane crashes but I have my own airline safety theory: it’s only small planes that go down on a regular basis because they don’t carry enough passengers. It’s the sheer weight of the belief that the plane’s going to stay in the air, 500-odd packages of certainty in each jumbo, which stops the craft plummeting. What chance does a 16-seater twin-engine Cessna have? The four of us surveyed the colour and gaiety of the Bermagui Sportsground as the brassy notes of the band filtered through the buzz of the crowd.

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